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Get Started Now

AWS Config provides you with an inventory of your AWS resources, notifies you when the configurations of your resources change, and lets you audit the history of configurations for those resources.

Configuration Stream

Inventory and Relationships

Tap into the configuration stream and receive notifications with updated configurations and changes when your resources are created, updated or deleted.

Use these notifications to be updated on configuration changes or integrate with other configuration management solutions.


Get detailed configurations for your AWS resources and understand how they are connected. Use this information to troubleshoot or anticipate impact of a change.

Traverse History

Browse current and historical configurations for your resources and track each configuration change made.

Simple Setup

You can enable AWS Config with as few as two clicks. AWS Config automatically discovers your AWS resources and starts recording configuration changes.

Detailed  Visibility

You get updated details of all configuration attributes of your AWS resources and how they are related to other AWS resources.


When you enable AWS Config, all your AWS resources continue to behave exactly as they did before, with no performance degradation or other changes.

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